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The latest addition to the SN range! Coaching & Mentoring by Shereena Noelle (coaching by experience- Business, life and relationships). 

Everyone needs at least one great life mentor in their lifetime. They’ll give you advice and inspiration that will completely change your future. They’ll give you easy shortcuts that will help you get on the right path again quickly. They’ll even be a role model and guide whom you can follow.

Life mentors can positively influence us and even change our long-term future or that one moment of inspiration can totally change your life’s direction by influencing your attitude, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviour. 

The start.

And thats where I come in. I'm Shereena Noelle and I'm the face of the brand 'Shereena Noelle Activewear & Wellbeing'. Sport, health, design and fashion was my life growing up and through hard work I designed, created and launched an activewear and wellbeing brand launched in 2017. This business is my baby and I have a wonderful SN team who have helped make the garments come to life. All the SN garments are hand made in New Zealand. Preparation is key. I started the planning and designing back in 2014/2015. 

I also have a BAS and MArch(Prof) 2010 from the University of Auckland and practise architecture with a passion for community, ecological and cultural architecture. I have tutored at various Universities teaching Architectural design and sustainability and continue till today. For me design whether it be architecture or clothing is the same- both need to take creativity and sustainability into account. This also includes understanding it's community. 

Fertility, Endometriosis, depression.

I’m passionate about raising awareness of positive mental health and a diverse range of health initiatives. And I’ve been an active member and advocate of various community groups and organisations especially the Mental Health Foundation and Endometriosis Foundation which are dear to my heart. I am passionate about raising awareness about both these topics as I've suffered from endometriosis (undergone the surgery) and have overcome depression in my life. I have also dealt with the big topic of fertility including undergoing IVF egg freezing procedures and reinventing myself after a non-healthy relationships. I was able to create strategies to re-programme my thinking to help get through times of adversity and focus on the goal- becoming the best version of myself. 


I have mentored and continue to mentor many individuals to help find themselves and pursue their life's passion. Whether you are struggling to achieve your goals, reinventing yourself, dealing with the string of emotions that come from your own fertility journey (i.e. needing to reach out to someone who has been there before), starting up a brand or business or just need a cheerleader on your team, I can help you. 

Oprah said, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

(Note that once booking is confirmed I will get in touch with you for your preferred dates/time), ensure that you provide a current email address and phone number. 

Shereena Noelle "You've got this!"