About Us

Shereena Noelle. Towards the essence of wellbeing.

 The journey of being you. A better you!

"Every person has a journey to share. This is my journey."
We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget the most important being in this world - You! You are strong, You are wonderful! You are beautiful!
This new Activewear range was born out of a love for both sport and fashion. Being ethical is important to the brand and you will find that every piece is manufactured by hand in Auckland city. Not only are you getting an awesome piece of activewear but you are getting a carefully crafted individual piece! Only a small handful have been produced worldwide. 
We also strive to ensure that the fabric production process minimises environmental impact. 
Shereena Noelle encourages wellbeing, the journey of being you. A better you. Go on treat yourself, you can do this. You are brave! You've got this!
Shereena Noelle xxx

~ Shereena Noelle Sumeran - Designer, Model and Yoga Enthusiast