About Us

Shereena Noelle. Towards the essence of wellbeing.

 "The journey of being you. A better you! Every person has a journey to share. This is my journey."

We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget the most important being in this world - You! You are strong! You are wonderful! You are beautiful!
The SN Activewear brand was launched in 2017 with a desire to support women with being active - mind, body and soul. It was born out of a love for both sport, fashion and believe it or not Architecture! Having being an architectural designer and a sustainable researcher, being fashionably unique and sustainable are important principles of the brand. The designs were being created back in 2014 and with many years of research into sustainable fabrics, pattern makers and prototyping we were able to bring to you SN. 
Not only are you getting a limited edition piece of designer activewear but you are helping to support our local community. All our garments are made by hand in Auckland. And 5% of all our sales goes directly towards the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. 
Positive wellbeing and talking about mental health is a core principle of the brand. We've all been through rough times in our life but with each experience it only makes us stronger. SN Activewear was the outcome of a difficult time for me personally and by creating beautiful activewear helped me to motivate myself and others to be the best version of themselves, to eat healthy, exercise and have a positive mindset. I know that you will help to carry on that legacy. 

Shereena Noelle encourages wellbeing, the journey of being you. A better you. Go on, you can do this. You are brave! You've got this!
Shereena Noelle xxx


~ Shereena Noelle Sumeran - Designer, Sustainable researcher and Yoga Enthusiast